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If you are having a difficult time with drug and alcohol addiction, it may be time to consider attending one of the drug rehabs in Castalian Springs, California today. Addiction is a disease that will not dissipate on its own. It takes the help of qualified addiction counselors and an effective treatment program in order to overcome successfully. Just as millions of people have overcome addiction, so can you.

Through an initial patient consultation that is conducted by an addiction specialist, patients will learn which sort of addiction treatment in Castalian Springs is best suited for them. It may be inpatient or it may be outpatient treatment. Since each and every person and their addictions are different, not every program will work for every patient. This is why it's important to seek a center that uses personalized and specialized treatment methods in order to get the best possible outcome.

Getting Help From Drug Rehabs in Castalian Springs

California is currently facing a huge drug epidemic. Prescription drugs are becoming an increasing issue amongst the residents here which is adding to the epidemic occurring in the United States. Overusing or misusing prescription drugs can easily and quickly lead to a life of addiction as these medications are highly addictive.

When you first enter one of the drug rehabs in Castalian Springs, you will undergo an initial patient assessment which is designed to figure out which treatment program will work best for you and your addiction. Typically speaking, medical detox in Castalian Springs is the first stage of treatment and usually the most difficult as well. This is where the patient is administered a safe detox drug for about seven days long which is intended to wean them off of the substance of abuse. It also mitigates the withdrawal symptoms which are associated with withdrawal making this easier to get through.

Tackling Co-occurring Disorders

Not always, but lots of the time, addiction is a result of a co-occurring and pre-existing mental illness such as bipolar disorder, anxiety, or depression, just to name a few. Through utilizing dual diagnosis treatment methods, both the mental disorder as well as the addiction will be treated.

It's important to the long-term success of a patient in sobriety to seek help from relapse prevention courses and aftercare treatment. Group therapy can be extremely beneficial for recovering addicts as it allows them to share their story with others and gain valuable insight into how others manage the urge to use again. By partaking in trigger management, patients will be less likely to relapse in the future.

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It's important to realize that even though you are the one who is suffering from the drug or alcohol addiction, your addiction also very much affects your close family and friends as well. They miss the person that you used to be and want to see you get better. You have the chance now to change your life forever, so why not pick the phone up and make one simple phone call. It can change your life.

Drug rehabs in Castalian Springs can help you recover from addiction. It's time to get the help you need so that you can start to live content and fulfilled life. Call now at (615) 667-8049 to learn more.

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